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2016 Star Quest. August 27th to the Sept 4th.
Was rather iffy weather wise. But we were still rewarded with about 4 to 5 nights of decent to great viewing!
With regards to weather a great source of information that one of attendees pointed out was a this point seems to be quite accurate. Was weather website WWW.YR.NO check out and look for Aspen Grove BC.

Thanks to everyone who attended this year (58) you're one hearty group and it's always great to see old friends. This isn't just a star party it's a family reunion
Be sure to check out the facebook page; Merritt Astronomical for more information, pictures and updates. Next year's event will take place between August 19 to August 26th. (Yes I know the Eclipse is happening on the 21st but not all of us can go)have fun with that and hopefully the weather is great! Once you've
had your experience come on back up to the MSQ and show us and tell us of your experience. Should be good fun! See you next year!


2015 Star Quest is fast approaching. September 11th to the 19th.
Which hopefully will be a great time of year for everyone! Remember though that at 3800 feet at that time of the year it can feel like Summer and at night it can definitely feel like mid winter. Dress appropriately at all times.
Some past issues that have arisen are pets that are let off their leashes. Please please with the utmost respect to you and your pet
please keep rover on a leash. The last thing we need to hear about is someone having to clean their eye peices again. Because of ol' yeller! Making the views yeller!

Also another concern is loud noise, loud music, laughing loudly, yelling, screaming, arguing and kids being kids. That being said though most astronomers ply their trade in silence and like things quiet. Taking in the views, acknowledging the details of the observation deep with in the synapsis of their minds and listening to the voices in their heads telling them all about the details and information about those objects. Loud voices and carrying on can and does destroy the peace. And I can tell you it's not appreciated and the weight of those objections fall squarely on the Executive, who are doing their best to create a great time for all.
So try to keep in mind the folks around you and respect their desire to have an enjoyable time. If you need to blow of steam can we suggest going to the lakes during the day just down the road and taking out on the water? Thank you everyone for your co-operation it's hugely appreciated and less taxing on the people trying to provide a great time under the night sky!!


Next years 2011 Star Quest is slated to begin on August 27th and ending on September 3rd.
Which we hope works a little better for families with kids having to go back to school after the Labor Day weekend. It is also hoped the weather will be much more cooperative at that time also.
Although this years event was a bit of a "wash" (pun intended), it was still a great time inspite of the over cast skies.
There were great stories to tell, great meals to share, and great new friendships made.
The Grand Prize this year was won by Jack Nolet, congratulations Jack!

Also, New Merritt Star Quest T-shirts were also available this year! Great fun and quite smart looking as well! A blend of two photo's taken by Nicole Bienvenu and Janeen Williams.
Janeen's shot of the landscape and Nicole's shot of the Constellation of Capricorn with the logo Merritt Star Quest encapsulating the scene, great stuff.
The numbers of participants were down this year but we were able to meet the required funds we needed to host next years event comfortably. So if you couldn't make it out this year!
We'd sure love to see you at the 2011 event next year!
If you are so inclined it would also help greatly if you would be so kind as to send Phill Williams (Treasurer) a donation for the next years event.
Thank you so much for your support! See you next year!


NEW: Registration Fees are as follows:

1 Person Attendee:

  • 1Person $20.00 - 1 night only!
  • 1 Person $40.00 - 2 nights or entire event

  • 1 night attendees are not eligible to receive door prize ticket

    2 persons or Family of 4:

  • 1 night $25.00
  • 2 nights or entire event $50.00

  • 1 night attendees are not eligible to receive door prize ticket

    It's just been discovered that our email address on the website had stopped working
    So please accept my sincerest apologies for this over sight on my part and for any inconvenience that this may have caused you.
    But the problem has been rectifide!


    I've taken over the website duties (Paul Greenhalgh), in order to lend a hand to the present webmaster. The new dates have been posted for the 2010 event,and wish to offer our apologies for the delay.
    Life has a way of getting in the way if you know what I mean!
    Other news? That sand hole was filled in prior to the 2009 event by the Department of Highways. Earl Nygard (maintenance Engineer) was extremely and I mean extremely helpful in getting the machinery and equipment

    necessary up to the site to fix the problem. That sand hole which was quite large, was dug out and filled in with some very substantial heavy material and then covered with a solid layer of gravel
    to make things very stable. This has improved the available area for astronomers significantly. I personally drove over the area just to test it and I nary left a mark on it. So I'm very confident
    that you could park a fully loaded semi on that spot and it would barely make a dent. So I am personally very pleased about that getting fixed. At anyrate it is my hope to see you in September!
    The new date for this years event is September 4th to September 11th. See you there!!!

    P.S.!!! Mark Eburne and myself (Paul Greenhalgh) and member at large Frank Larre. Had a meeting with the City of Merritt Council and Mayor. And talked to them about the issues of Light Pollution.
    The presentation was scheduled for 15 minutes, but once we started they were captivated and were granted the time we needed to explain what the issues are and how to fix them in a slow and gradual
    process. Upon using one intersection as an example of poor lighting systems, the Mayor or Merritt inspected the area the following day and ordered to have it fixed immediately! Merritt according to the
    Mayor will now be installing FCO street lighting for all new installations, and converting the older lights when maintenance is required. They will also be looking into other forms of light pollution causing
    issues and possibly rectifying those as well. All I can say about this is THANK YOU MERRITT for your foresight, wisdom and expediance to correcting the issues of Light Pollution! The warmth and hospitality
    you have shown to the Astronomers that visit the Merritt Area has been nothing short of Gracious and Spectacular! Many are now saying each September "Gad it's nice to be home under these rich dark skies".
    As I write this I'm just itching to get back up there!!! See you soon!!!

    This years Merritt Star Quest was spot on and rediculously awesome! The weather couldn't have co-operated any better! 8 nights of glorious observing nights, spectacular views and rock solid skies.
    This year's event was blessed with clear skies all day and all night throughout the entire event, the clouds didn't roll back in until the very last day of the event, effectively bringing the event to a close.
    During the last weekend of the event, Frank Larre supplied a free lunch, free dinner (Saturday) and free breakfast (Sunday). Thank you so much Frank!
    Vancouver Telescope was also present during the event and teased everyone with their new products and spectacular new eyepiece (just came out) the Ethos 13mm by Televue. 79 people attended this years event matching that of last years event.
    Good times were had by all! I personally can't wait until next year.

    New Observing Site for the FALL 2005 Star Quest has been established for the Merritt Astronomical Society. You can find the new site at "WWW.MERRITTASTRONOMICAL.COM" Check it out Maps are also available for easy location. From Merritt take 97C east towards Kelowna and near the top you'll see the exit for Loon Lake. Follow the directions provided via the map on this website. Hope to see you there!!! LOTS OF ROOM. 360 degrees of view, no serious obstructions, if anything you'll be sheltered from the winds. And hot during the day, sooooo be sure to bring some shade. You can also see some photos of the site provided by the Fraser Valley Astronomers Website at GO TO OBSERVING SITE Be sure to click on next image and you'll eventually do a 360 of the observing site. This site according the Bortle Light Pollution scale is sitting at #2, One being the best of the best, so the site is extremely dark. And you should be able to enjoy some of the most fantastic views you've had since we were kids. I strongly recommend trying to attend this event you won't be sorry!

    New Domain Name has been established for the Merritt Astronomical Societies Website. You can find the new site at "WWW.MERRITTASTRONOMICAL.COM" Enjoy!

    A/President Paul Greenhalgh received a phone call from Mr.Mark Pooley of the Pooley Ranch. Who has offered the Merritt Astronomical Society exclusive use of 1000 acres of land, for the purposes of Astronomy. The MAS is extremely grateful to Mr.Pooley and his generosity, what a wonderful gift to the Astronomical Community! Dark Skies and Deep Sky Objects await!Both Chuck Webb and Paul Greenhalgh made a trip to Merritt to inspect this gracious offering and are extremely pleased with what they saw and experienced. Photos of the site are available for viewing contact Paul at fvas(at)shaw(dot)ca for more information. Exciting times folks!

    Website changes started

    Site Secured for Spring Merritt Star Quest Victoria Day Weekend 2004 Click the Star Quests link on the left for more info.

    The Merritt Star Quest was a huge success thanks to you all of you. We had over 43 parties and/or vehicles and approx. 62 people.

    The Merritt Star Quest is approaching fast, and as you may know the BC government has now lifted the banned on back country camping and traveling. The last day for pre-registration is the evening of September 18th.

    The Merritt Astronomical Society received the certificate of Incorporation from the British Columbia Government.

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